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Turnkey Automation Services 

Trusts are stretched beyond capacity. We can help. There are some processes that if automated now, could provide immediate value and help pave way for a smoother transition to an eventual, post-COVID, ICS environment.

The greatest near-term benefits from RPA lie in the administrative area, specifically in data aggregation, compliance reporting, finance, HR and procurement. The cost-savings and error elimination in these categories could result in £ millions saved. Opportunities abound in clinical areas as well.

RPA Health provides a brief but thorough consultative evaluation of a health organisation’s administrative and clinical processes to identify existing processes that could benefit from automation. We focus on the processes that are least efficient  and develop a solution to save your organisation time and money.

RPA Health can take full responsibility for the development and implementation of the automation solution(s) or develop solutions jointly with your staff.

Our phased approach allows Trusts to determine how RPA may align with higher-level strategic initiatives and measure its current and future value without significant upfront investment.

Turnkey Automation Services
Application Supplier Services.jpg

Application Supplier Services

There are instances when HL7, FHIR and APIs are not capable or readily available to provide the needed connectivity for the inclusion of new, innovative applications in a healthcare or social care provider setting.

The RPA Health team has had broad experience in assisting software application suppliers deliver and retrieve data from any source or target with the use of RPA.

RPA Health’s RPA technology, SST can help software suppliers deliver and retrieve data to and from small, hard to integrate legacy systems as well as larger systems such as EPRs and PAS’ providing timely and cost-effective implementation of a new, beneficial application.

Application Supplier Services
SST: Made For Healthcare

SST: Used By Hundreds Of Hospitals

—  250 hospital installations in the UK, Canada and the US
—  The most widely installed RPA product in healthcare 
—  Built by healthcare domain experts
—  Automates thousands of healthcare processes every day
—  Implemented in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid form

 SST is a powerful, low code and easy to use healthcare automation technology that can connect to virtually any system including EPR, PAS, GP and departmental systems as well as care home, social care and proprietary, complex Windows and/or Web-based applications including Citrix environments. SST incorporates enhanced OCR technology, advanced encryption and provides a web dashboard for centralised management and remote monitoring.  SST is the healthcare market leader in RPA. 

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Automation Training

RPA Health provides SST users with on-line training programs, user workshops, skill development webinars and SST Community access, all of which enable SST users to quickly learn how to use SST and increase their proficiency.
Working with Trust personnel, RPA Health would help review and identify a target list of processes to be automated. RPA Health would train and, if required, assist Trust personnel in developing targeted automation solutions with SST technology. 

Automation Training

Our Partners



Delivering Healthcare Virtually

Helicon Health advances & implements new approaches to supporting those with long term conditions and the general population. We deliver socio-technological initiatives to drive clinical & operational benefits that improve the lives of patients, clinicians and administrators. Helicon Health helps people requiring shared care at home and across primary and acute care with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia.

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Clarity’s mission is to increase and accelerate and the impact of digital technologies in the UK Health and Public Sector. The  practice was formed to help individuals and organisations to navigate digital challenges and deliver their strategic and tactical objectives. The Clarity Practice work across Health and Social Care, with NHS commissioners and provider organisations, for Local Government and technology and solution vendors.


Summit Healthcare Services offers the healthcare community a premier suite of tools to address integration, workflow automation, and business continuity needs. Since 1999, we have worked to provide the industry with the most flexible integration technology with complementary tailored services and solutions.

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Lyniate partners with healthcare organisations around the globe delivering cutting-edge solutions to address interoperability challenges. The company’s industry-leading products, Corepoint and Rhapsody, are used by thousands of customers to send hundreds of millions of messages every day. Lyniate is committed to delivering the best interoperability solutions for healthcare organisations, from specialty clinics to large networks, from payers to vendors, and everything in between to build the future of interoperability.

Our Partners
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