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What is RPA?

Robotic Processing Automation is a cost-saving productivity tool that can mimic, emulate and automate repetitive, high-volume, labour-intensive processes including data entry, data extraction and passing data to/from different applications.

Our RPA product SST also provides linkage to legacy systems.

What Is RPA
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Why Use RPA?

​Cost Savings

The healthcare industry spends a stunning £1.5bn each year on poorly  performed and error prone manual tasks.

Legacy Connectivity & Digital Transfer of Care (DTOC)

According to a recent PRSB report, “poor infrastructure... prevented optimal delivery of COVID care."

AI Gateway

According to Gartner, RPA is but one emerging AI technology that is helping healthcare delivery organisations.

Why Use RPA?

How RPA Can Help You

RPA Health Infographic.png
How RPA Can Help You

The Benefits

    • Cost reduction: Organisations report a 20-30% cost reduction with RPA


    • Return-On-Investment (ROI): Most organisations report 30-50% ROI


    • Speed: RPA undertakes tasks 4–10x faster than a person


    • Reliability: RPA robots only do what they are told (no human errors)


    • Productivity: Available 100% of the time 24/7


    • Auditability: Robots allow for full, retroactive inspection on transactions


    • Light touch: Robots work with existing applications and systems 


    • Employee satisfaction: More time to do transformational work 


    • Reduced attrition: Better staff satisfaction results in reduced attrition

    Source: NHS Transformation Directorate, May 2022


    A number of NHS Trusts have begun to incorporate RPA solutions into their overall digital plan and report significant cost and time savings:

    • One NHS Trust saved £150K and freed up 4,400 staff hours

    • RPA saved another Trust £220K through automation

    • RPA is saving a hospital£2M yearly 

    • RPA has been used by a Trust to migrate 6M patient records 

    • At another Trust, RPA rebooked thousands of appointments 

    Proven Results

    User Stories

    User Stories
    “We recently implemented SST to provide support related to COVID-19 testing and result reporting. Staff built automated workflows to assist with merging files and test results, processing those results in our EPR, and then emailing or texting the results to patients”

    Lauren Josie

    Director of Information Technology at Harrington Memorial Hospital

    SST Users

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