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Partnership Announcement

Leaders in Healthcare Data Interoperability and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Partner to Help Health and Social Care Providers Automate Labour-Intensive Processes and Facilitate Seamless Data Integration

London – Monday, October 18, 2021 – RPA Health, Ltd. and LYNIATE, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced an agreement to provide Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) solutions to NHS Trusts, private hospitals, social care providers and healthcare software suppliers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The partnership will enable seamless connectivity between Lyniate’s market-leading interoperability solutions and the most installed RPA solution in healthcare.

“This partnership allows Lyniate to provide its customers with proven, cost-saving RPA solutions that complement our robust interoperability platforms,” stated Drew Ivan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Lyniate. “It is also worth noting that RPA technology has the ability to provide ‘last mile’ connectivity to legacy applications which are all but impervious to APIs. Given the compelling need to provide digital connectivity to legacy systems that in some care homes and some social provider organisations, RPA can offer a cost-effective solution to the challenges of joined-up care.”

Lyniate provides comprehensive, tailored interoperability solutions through the Rhapsody and Corepoint integration engines, which allow systems to read, interpret, and assimilate data from disparate sources.

RPA Health provides RPA design, turnkey solutions and RPA technology licencing and training for healthcare provider organisations and application developers. RPA Health’s Robotic Process Automation toolset, SSTä is used in more than 250 hospitals worldwide to reduce cost by automating data entry and data delivery. SSTä was built expressly for healthcare by healthcare domain experts.

“We are very excited to partner with Lyniate, whose award-winning interoperability platforms set the standard for integration excellence,” stated John Moriarty, RPA health’s CEO. “Our partnership allows healthcare providers greater access to cost-effective RPA solutions that ease the challenging administrative burden brought on by COVID-19. In addition, this partnership provides all the tools necessary for a comprehensive Digital Transfer of Care (DTOC) solution.”

Lyniate and RPA Health will refer customers to one another as appropriate, ensuring healthcare organisations have access to the most robust and complementary data integration and automation solutions on the market.

About Lyniate

Lyniate partners with healthcare organizations around the globe delivering cutting-edge solutions to address interoperability challenges. The company’s industry-leading products, Corepoint and Rhapsody, are used by thousands of customers to send hundreds of millions of messages every day. Lyniate is committed to delivering the best interoperability solutions for healthcare organizations, from specialty clinics to large networks, from payers to vendors, and everything in between to build the future of interoperability.

Visit: for more information. Providers and vendors interested in working with Lyniate can reach out here.

About RPA Health

RPA Health is a dedicated to assisting healthcare, social care organisations and software application suppliers reduce cost and increase efficiency while delivering better care and better outcomes. The RPA Health team has more than 20 years of experience in delivering cost-saving automation and integration solutions to thousands of hospitals and GP surgeries in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the US.



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